Stories, pictures and video from the mountains of Hokkaido

Winter Making an Early Appearance in Hokkaido

On Monday (November 11th) we woke up to a dusting of snow. Probably not more than 5 centimetres or so, but it was earlier than normal for snow to be falling in town and the forecast looked like we were due for another day or two of cold weather. It’s always good to see the first snow, but I’ve learned over the past few years not to get my hopes up in November, as cold snaps are often followed by warm wet spells.


The view from the balcony on Monday morning


5 centimetres on the car

Then on Tuesday morning, we got 35cm of new snow! Things were starting to look very wintery. Thoughts tuned to shredding, and plans were hatched. An early start, turns before work? When’s sunrise? 6:22, that’ll work. It’s on….


The car on Tuesday morning. 35cm to clear.


The wintery walk to work


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